That's a motto we live by.

For over 35 years, we've been serving fresh, handmade baked goods all over Western New York.


All of our baked goods are made right from scratch daily with Dave & Gwen's original recipes.

Whatever the occasion, we've got the dessert for you.

Bring a fresh pie to your next family dinner.

Treat your coworkers to a warm pack of cookies.

Indulge that craving that you can't shrug off because...

Sometimes you just need a cookie.

Need dessert for 20+ people?

Try one of our carefully crafted Cookie Trays!

Serve 25-40 guests with a 12" tray, approximately 50-75 cookies.

Serve 50-100 guests with a 16" tray, approximately 100-135 cookies.


These cookie trays are made to order with small size cookies.

You can expect each guest to consume 1-3.


We also offer beautiful handmade gift tins full of cookies for any occasion and will ship nationwide. Call today to order!