At Carson's,

homemade is a way of life.

Here's a taste of our history!

In 1982, Dave & Gwen Carson began baking pies in their own home kitchen. They gave them away to friends and family, testing their recipes and the market. Their pies became

a hit instantly!



In 1985, Dave & Gwen built an

addition onto their home with

a commercial kitchen. They began to supply local supermarkets with fresh pies

and cookies.


The Carsons purchased land in 1998 and began to build. Carson's Deli & Bakery was born! The aroma of warm, gooey cookies lured crowds from all around. Plus, Beef on Weck was an instant hit!


2012 found Dave & Gwen hungry to expand their business once again. Many things were doubled in size! The building, the menu, the dining area, to name a few. And the Carson's legendary fish fry was born!


Although the team is a lot bigger now, Dave & Gwen still oversee operations from the back daily. Stop in and say hi! Every face is

a friendly face at Carson's.

We hope to see you soon!